How do I use my points to purchase wine?

Updated at December 16th, 2020

Grand Reserve points can now be used to Pay with Points at select Grand Reserve partners such as ProofLoyalty’s wine marketplace to purchase wine!

To Pay with Points at ProofLoyalty simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit the ProofLoyalty wine marketplace at
  2. Select the wines you would like to purchase and add them to your cart. 
  3. Click "Checkout" and sign into your existing ProofLoyalty account or add your email address to continue as a new ProofLoyalty member. 
  4. On the Checkout page, select "Grand Reserve Rewards Points" as your payment method. Tap the "Grand Reserve Pay with Points" button and follow the prompts to sign into your Grand Reserve World Mastercard account with your username (email address), password, and authentication code delivered to your mobile phone.
  5.  Once you've signed into your Grand Reserve account, verify you have enough points to complete the wine purchase using your Grand Reserve Rewards points and click the "Place Order" button. 
  6. After your order is submitted, you'll receive order confirmation information by email to track your purchase. 
  7. When your order has been fulfilled, your Grand Reserve points balance will reflect the debited points for the Pay with Points redemption. You will also see the redemption in your Grand Reserve Rewards Activity list view in your account. 

Cheers to Paying with Points for Wine! 

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